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I Think My iPhone Is Dying

This is terribly upsetting to me.  Not least because I haven’t even had it for two years yet, so I’m pretty sure that I’m not yet eligible to get a new phone.

Plus, there’s that whole iPhones are expensive thing.  I’m not currently willing to renew my AMC Stubs membership for 12 bucks; I’m really not keen on spending 200 bucks to get an iPhone 4S (even if I would get Siri).

But if my phone really does die I won’t have much of a choice.  (Obviously I’d have a choice to get a cheaper phone, but why?  I don’t need to constantly upgrade when Apple trots out the latest version of the iPhone or iPad, but when I decide to replace my current model I’m going to get the latest and greatest.)

I had hoped to keep my current iPhone for at least another year.  After all, my first iPhone worked fine for almost three years (I bypassed every variety of iPhone 3), even after Apple pretty much stopped supporting it (in the sense that iOS updates weren’t applicable to my phone when I finally got rid of it).

It’s funny, the thing that first made me notice the problems with my iPhone was the case.  I got one of Apple’s free bumper cases and it’s starting to fall apart a little bit.  Then I realized that I’d been having issues with the home button for at least a month.  Issues of the non-responsive variety.  I don’t know why a home button that didn’t react when I pushed it didn’t strike me as an issue until after the case started cracking, but it didn’t.  But now every time the home button doesn’t react when I push it I fear that my iPhone is dead.  Especially now that it decided to get rid of all of my alarms this afternoon.  That was fun.

A dead iPhone is just the last thing I need right now, so I shall try to remain optomistic.  (By the by, that’s an intentional misspelling.  Or perhaps it’s a word that I made up in college.  Either works.  You see, it’s against my nature to be optimistic, the best I can do is be optomistic.)

Until tomorrow.