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What To Do?

So a couple of weeks ago my personal cheerleader gave me a “just because” Amazon gift card. (Have I mentioned that she’s awesome?) I used most of it on baseball books (yay!), but the remaining balance is burning a metaphorical hole in my virtual wallet.

But here’s my problem: I can’t decide what to buy. Should I get Brand New’s Daisy on vinyl or the Fifty Shades of Grey series? I am aware that these things have nothing in common except for my crazy head. But, y’know, they’re things that I want. I know that the gift card was intended for books, but the beauty of a gift card is that I can get whatever I want.

Why am I even thinking about this right now? Because I want to buy myself a “congratulations on surviving the semester” present. I deserve a damn present. But what to buy?

Oh good, I’ve now officially talked in circles. Time to go back to work on my take home final exam (blah).

Unrelated: I hate the Chevy Cruze Eco commercial where the guy is picking his parents up at the airport. Every time the dad says “that’s hippie talk!” I want to punch him in the face. It probably doesn’t help that I only seem to see it during Phillies losses, but damn that old guy is super annoying.

Until tomorrow.

Personal Cheerleaders

Do you have a personal cheerleader?  That friend who will always root for you.  Who you know will support you in whatever crazy endeavor (large or small) you undertake.  Who will never let anyone talk crap on you.

I do.  And it’s pretty awesome.

My personal cheerleader is my college roommate.  (I am also her personal cheerleader, lest you think I’m some sort of terrible person.)  Over the years she has provided me with many positive affirmations.  She even supported my decision to move to Florida, even though she didn’t want me to.  (She also supports my desire to move back to the land of Wawa and TastyKakes, although there’s less altruism in that.)

We coined the term “personal cheerleader” when we were in college.  It’s not really a thing I think about a lot, but every now and again she’ll do something and I’ll remember how awesome it is to have a personal cheerleader.  Today it was a simple text message.  I have a short paper due tomorrow, but I was having a hard time forcing myself to work on it.  I sent her a text about the minuscule window of motivation I was dealing with for this task and her response included “You can do it!”  And, you know what, she was right.  Turns out I just needed to hear from my personal cheerleader 🙂

So whenever you read this, woommate, thanks for being my personal cheerleader.  It is greatly appreciated.

Until tomorrow.