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There’s Light At The End Of This Tunnel

I only have to do one thing before the semester ends.  Woohoo!  Of course, it’s write a 10-12 page, single-spaced(!) paper for the class I completely loathe.  But whatever, it’s the only thing left to do.  I’m pretty excited about that.

In other news, I made my first ever Spotify playlist yesterday.

042412 playlist

It’s at about this time every year that I decide to make a playlist of the songs I am currently all about.  Of course, I normally do it in iTunes.  And that requires buying all of the songs I want.  But this year I went the Spotify route which is much cheaper 🙂  I was actually inspired to try making a Spotify playlist because of the news that WordPress now supports embedding stuff from Spotify.  And decided to do it yesterday to give myself a little respite from schoolwork.

The order of the tracks was kind of determined by Spotify’s Related Artists feature.  For some reason most of the artists I wanted to include were “related” to each other.  I don’t know that I necessarily buy that, but it made my life slightly easier, so that was cool.

Oh, one other thing to mention.  The Eve 6 song I included is actually called “Victoria,” but Spotify says it’s called “Curtain.”  I’ve run across albums that have incorrect track listings on Spotify before (Straylight Run’s Prepare to Be Wrong EP springs to mind), but it’s much funnier this time since it’s apparently some Spotify exclusive version of the new Eve 6 record.  You’d think they’d get the track listing correct on that, right?

What new song can you not stop listening to?

Until tomorrow.