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Happy Prime Day

I hope you were able to get something good from Amazon. I kind of doubt it, though, because most of the “deals” I saw were pretty dumb. (Which is to say that the products were dumb; I didn’t bother to check the markdowns on things that didn’t interest me.) Way to oversell Prime Day, Amazon.

If you’re wondering, I bought a 3-pack of $50 gift cards and got a $10 Amazon coupon free. (Yes, I fully intend to give the gift cards to myself. Does that make me a bad person?)

In other news, I tried to set up Family Sharing through iCloud but my dad had trouble connecting to iCloud after I sent him the invitation. I hate it when shit like that doesn’t work, especially when I’m trying to give my parents access to my iTunes movies (not that they necessarily want to see The Host, but I have all six Star Wars movies, too). And I just found out that Showtime now has a standalone streaming service; I’m not particularly impressed by the movies currently being offered, but I guess premium cable networks are more about the original programming now. I can’t wait for Starz to launch a streaming service (complete with 30-day free trial); hello, Outlander binge-watch. (By the bye, that’s how I spent most of Thanksgiving – binge-watching the first half of Outlander season one. Yum.)

Until tomorrow.