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Not Even Wawa Is Worth This

I stopped at Wawa for gas on my way home this evening. It took me an hour to get there. (I normally make it all the way home in an hour. And Wawa is much closer to my office.) You guys know I adore Wawa, but I will not be doing that again.

I’m so used to having Wawas conveniently located everywhere that it confuses me that I have to go out of my way to get to them down here. Why can’t Wawa just be everywhere already?

Until tomorrow.

This Changes Everything


See that sign? That’s at the end of my road. There’s been a big, empty lot there just waiting to be turned into a commercial space for as long as I’ve owned the house. I’ve always said that it would be the perfect spot for a Wawa. Well, I was right.

Of course, it would’ve been better if those bastards had built it a year ago. I kinda don’t want to sell my house now. (Kidding. I still fucking hate it.) Hey, I just realized that the Wawa is a selling point (or it would’ve been one to me); that’s awesome. Thanks, Wawa!

Until tomorrow.

Good News And Bad News

You can’t have joy without suffering, right? (Or some bullshit thing like that.)

Good News: They just opened a new Wawa that’s reasonably close to my house. (Nine miles counts as reasonably close, right?)

Bad News: It’s south of my house, which makes it completely out of my way. I only ever go south of my house when I need to go to SuperTarget (on those rare occasions when regular Target just doesn’t cut it).

Good News: As expected, the pumpkin spice cream smoothie at Wawa is delicious.

Bad News: Wawa didn’t have any TastyKake pumpkin pies.

Good News: I got three soft pretzels at Wawa.

Bad News: I already ate them all. (Not so much bad as dumb, but still.)

Good News: I had enough Target gift cards that I was able to justify buying Star Trek Into Darkness.

Bad News: I already watched it one and a half times. (The half is from the second time when I fell asleep.) (Again, this isn’t so much bad as dumb, but it is really dumb from a time-management perspective.)

Until tomorrow.

So Disappointed

I had a peach smoothie from Wawa today. It was…underwhelming (hence the disappointment). It had a strong peach flavor, which I look for in peach-flavored foods, but it tasted like canned peaches rather than fresh. It was a little too sweet (and there is nothing sadder to me than finding a food that is too sweet).

You know who used to have an awesome peach-flavored beverage? Chick-fil-A. Their peach milkshake was the best. But I don’t even know if they offer it anymore. I stopped paying attention to their seasonal offerings when I decided that I didn’t want to give my money to proud homophobes.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I love peaches. They’re my favorite fruit. I’ve been buying three peaches every time I get groceries, but somehow the third one keeps growing mold or something before I can eat it. It’s so frustrating, especially because none of them have been more than three days old. Maybe I should stop buying three peaches at once.

Until tomorrow.

You’re No Wawa

Wawa isn’t the only convenience store chain moving to the Tampa area; there’s also a chain called Thorntons, one of which just opened near my house.

I stopped at that Thorntons on my way home from Five Guys on Thursday. I needed gas and I was hoping they’d have some cut-up watermelon or something (I wanted watermelon, but almost any type of fruit would’ve been acceptable).

I have no complaints about Thorntons as a gas station. In fact, it’s the first gas station I’ve ever been to that has Flex Fuel, so good job, Thorntons. But as a convenience store it was awful. Awful, I say. It was cramped and kind of dark. It had almost nothing in the way of fresh food (and no fruit of any kind). It didn’t even have a decent selection of TastyKakes. It reminded me of the Sunoco near my parents’ house in PA only with the added smell of grilled meats. And I like hot dogs, but that smell was a little much.

I’m glad I went to Thorntons because I was curious about it, but I won’t be going back unless I’m desperate for gas.

Until tomorrow.


I realized that I have nine (9!) different kinds of ice cream in my house. I had this realization while eating my third ice cream bar of the day. I’m clearly a grown-up.

Other things I ate today: three Wawa pretzels and a large Wawa caramel cream smoothie (which was insanely delicious, by the by). That’s pretty much it. When you combine that with the two naps of unknown length I took this afternoon I am the grown-up-iest grown-up that ever lived.

In other news, today is the third anniversary of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. I am always going to regret not watching that game. I didn’t have MLB.tv back then, but I had FoxSports Florida, which broadcasts all Marlins games. Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time, but that’s no excuse. Judging by how nervous I got watching several plays on that video – even though I knew what was going to happen – I probably would’ve stressed myself the hell out if I’d watched that game live. Hell, I remember how nervous I was watching Doc’s no-hitter in the NLDS; to this day my heart races when I watch footage of the last out of that game.

Until tomorrow.

It Worked

I went to Wawa for lunch today (because I could). And once again I asked the cashier about the lack of soft pretzels. And she kinda looked at me like I had three heads. (I don’t get how it’s a confusing question, but whatevs.) But then she asked the manager who was manning the register behind her. And he said, “end of the month.”


Apparently lots of people have been asking for pretzels. This does not surprise me in the slightest. And I think we should all get medals when Florida Wawas start carrying soft pretzels. Or at least free pretzels.

Mmm, free pretzels.

Until tomorrow.