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One of the drawbacks of my new job is that the office was designed for midgets. (I don’t mean little people; I mean people shorter than me.)

The desk is too short. The desk chair is way too short. The cubicle dividers are too short. Everything in the bathroom is too short (including the stall dividers, which I realized today are maybe an inch taller than me; I shouldn’t have to work to *not* look over the stall). And it’s not just due to heels, either; I wore Chucks on Friday and I still towered over everything.

I’m pretty sure the midget-sized furniture is responsible for the near-constant pain in my lower back, too. Yay. A boring data entry job that is causing me physical pain. How lucky am I? (The worst part is that listening to my iPod can do a lot, but it can’t do anything about my back pain. On the plus side, I’ve listened to the new Kevin Devine records a lot and I can say with certainty that they are awesome.)

Remind me again how this job is a good thing.

Until tomorrow.


Chore Accomplished

I hate washing dishes; it’s boring and it kills my skin. But I always feel a great sense of accomplishment after washing dishes rather than just throwing them in the dishwasher. And I understand that the presence of my dishwasher theoretically means that I don’t have to wash any dishes by hand, but some things just don’t do as well as others in the dishwasher. This doesn’t normally stop me from throwing everything in my dishwasher, but I feel guilty about doing so (both when I put a pot in the dishwasher and when I take it out and the outside looks all filmy and gross).

I guess the moral of the story is I did something I didn’t really want to do today and now I feel good about myself. Yay me!

(Side note: while I was typing “myself” autocorrect offered to change it to “NYSE.” Really? Autocorrect thinks NYSE is more common than myself? C’mon, Apple.)

Until tomorrow.

Is It The Weekend Yet?

I cannot wait for this week to be over. Not least because I have big, big plans (for me) this weekend. But I’m not telling you what they are.

I’m not looking forward to the drive to my parents’ house tomorrow night, though. I’m hoping that if I get to work early I can leave early. Avoiding as much traffic as possible is high on my list of priorities.

And with that in mind I really ought to go to bed. If I left my house at my intended time I could get to work early and I might be able to do that if I got a decent amount of sleep.

Until tomorrow.

My Night In A Nutshell

Phillies: Hi, we’re the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies. We are legitimately in the playoff race, but tonight we’ve decided to let the Houston Astros’ AAAA pitcher look like Cy effing Young. Enjoy the shitshow!

Kristin: Fine. Be that way. I’m super excited for tonight’s Doctor Who anyway. Ben Browder in the Old West – woohoo!

Doctor Who: Hi, here’s an unsettling, unfun episode that only serves to make you more nervous about Amy and Rory’s impending departure. Plus, not nearly enough Ben Browder. Relish it.

Kristin: Whatever. I don’t want to think about that. It’s time for some music.

iPod on Shuffle: Hi, here’s Aaron Lewis from Staind covering Pearl Jam’s “Black.” You wanted music to slit your wrists to, right?

Kristin: *gives up and goes to bed*

Until tomorrow.

What A Day

Man, today has consisted of massive amounts of suck. Starting at 12:30 in the morning, when I turned the TV on to watch Craig Ferguson. Except, instead of seeing Neon Trees on Letterman, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal (this will probably be the only time I ever complain about seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on TV). Apparently the RNC requires the local news to bloat from half an hour to an hour (because, obviously, a thing which lasted 10 minutes yesterday required 30 minutes to discuss). And if that had been the only problem I encountered while trying to watch Ferguson, it would’ve been fine. But the second Ferguson started it appeared that the person pushing the buttons at the local CBS affiliate had no idea what he or she was doing. Technical difficulties out the ying yang. My personal favorite was during the monologue, when the screen went black for God knows how long and then they started the tape over at Letterman. And proceeded to fast forward all the way through Letterman. I’d never seen my TV fast forward before when it wasn’t my DVR in use. And I have no idea what we learned on the show last night because when 2 AM rolled around the person pushing the buttons decided that, by golly, they were going to start the repeat of the 11:00 news on time. Who cares about the Ferguson fans who were completely screwed by his or her incompetence?

So that was a whole lot of “fun.” The same way that tonight’s Phillies game was “fun.” Man, that was brutal. Especially the 8th and 10th innings. I am so glad that I watched most of the game on mute. Then I made the mistake of going on Facebook and saw the most ridiculous shit from one of the morons I went to high school with. But more on that at another date.

Okay I cannot post this without adding something positive. I mean, today wasn’t all bad. For instance, today brought us this amazing Zoo With Roy post. Which is only a teaser for the video awesomeness to come. (By the bye, those pictures of Chase Utley with Awesome Emma? I die.)

Until tomorrow.

Everything Sucks

Don’t mind me. I’m just in a terrible mood. And I’m still exhausted, which isn’t helping.

Maybe I’m just tired of being at my parents’ house. Unfortunately I’m probably gonna stick around until Sunday. What kind of crappy daughter would I be if I wasn’t here on Mothers Day, right? And it seems dumb to drive all the way to my house and back in the interim. But I may have to, if only for my sanity. (Thank God my mom doesn’t read my blog.)

And of course the Phillies lost. Swept by the damn Mets. At least I didn’t even bother watching. Although, not for nothing, but that decision was somewhat motivated by a superstitious belief that they’d win a game I didn’t watch. Looks like the baseball gods have forsaken me and my team. Yay.

Well, crankypants whining isn’t getting me anywhere. It certainly isn’t improving my mood. I should stop.

Until tomorrow.


Apparently ABC Family decided to combat the Oscars by playing movies that I know by heart (and very nearly line for line): Aladdin and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.  The weird thing is that just having the movies on is making me sleepy.  Which really sucks because it means I’m still not going to write the post about my favorite author.

Part of me really just wants to go to be right now (10:37 PM), but I have some homework to do.  Blech.  This is what happens when I put off doing my homework.

At least I’m not remotely tempted to watch the Oscars.  According to Twitter I’m not missing anything.  Well, I missed Christian Bale presenting an award (in his actual voice, no less), and that’s a bummer.  But that’s it.

Until tomorrow.