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Trial By Fire

I had yesterday off, which was awesome and also sucked because I don’t get holiday pay. And then today the girl who trained me all last week called out sick (I assume). I (think) I did everything I was supposed to, but I have no idea how well (or poorly – probably poorly).

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.



How is Thanksgiving next week? How is that a thing? How??

And to confound matters, this year Thanksgiving falls on my parents’ wedding anniversary (37 years, wowza). I’m not gonna get them anything other than a card because I’m poor a terrible person poor.

Now that I think about it, how the hell is it November 16th already? Where the hell did the time go?

We’re coming up on final assignments and graduation and Christmas and the end of the year and holy crap. I just got really stressed out. Hooray.

I’m gonna go do…I don’t even know what. Something to push this crap out of my head 🙂

Until tomorrow.