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Good News And Bad News

You can’t have joy without suffering, right? (Or some bullshit thing like that.)

Good News: They just opened a new Wawa that’s reasonably close to my house. (Nine miles counts as reasonably close, right?)

Bad News: It’s south of my house, which makes it completely out of my way. I only ever go south of my house when I need to go to SuperTarget (on those rare occasions when regular Target just doesn’t cut it).

Good News: As expected, the pumpkin spice cream smoothie at Wawa is delicious.

Bad News: Wawa didn’t have any TastyKake pumpkin pies.

Good News: I got three soft pretzels at Wawa.

Bad News: I already ate them all. (Not so much bad as dumb, but still.)

Good News: I had enough Target gift cards that I was able to justify buying Star Trek Into Darkness.

Bad News: I already watched it one and a half times. (The half is from the second time when I fell asleep.) (Again, this isn’t so much bad as dumb, but it is really dumb from a time-management perspective.)

Until tomorrow.

It Never Stops

(Is it weird that I’m not sure if I had that Bad Books song in my head before I decided to name this post that or not?)

Why yes, yes I did spend a third consecutive night not ever sleeping. How could you tell?

At 3:30 this morning I was thinking that if I’m only ever going to feel awake in the middle of the night then I should take advantage of that and do stuff in the middle of the night. But not then. Oh no. Then I was content to stay in bed mostly watching but sometimes only listening to The O.C. But I swear to God if I’m still awake four hours from now I will get up and do something productive.

I’m feeling slightly bullish about my chances of actually sleeping tonight, though. I only took one nap today and it was only two hours long and it was in the morning. And I really needed that nap, too (and not just because sleep is important); I finally watched the last three Doctor Who episodes and they left me emotionally drained. And sleepy. Very, very sleepy.

I’m not entirely sure how I spent my time today when I wasn’t watching Doctor Who or the Phillies game (a win! holy crap!), but I am hopeful that I will be asleep an hour from now.

Until tomorrow.

Darn It

I really ought to write posts when ideas come to me rather than waiting to do it before I go to bed. I’m never as enthused when 11 PM rolls around. Or, if I still like the idea, I feel like I don’t have the energy to do it justice.

The no energy thing is where I am tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be better. (But I doubt it.)

Until tomorrow.


I don’t know how it happened, but I got home just before 6 and the next thing I knew it was almost midnight. And now I have to go to bed so I can wake up and go to a job that I apparently hate so much that I make bad decisions everywhere else in my life. (Dinner at McDonald’s? Check. Spend five hours doing nothing remotely productive? Check. Probably getting breakfast at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow? Check.)

I just remembered that I have to read before I can go to bed. Best get to that.

Until tomorrow.