Month: March 2012

Month In Review: March

Holy crap, it’s March 31st!  I spent most of the day trying (and failing) to come up with something to blog about, and here I had a ready-made post topic.  Silly me.  Allons-y.

  • Take better care of myself.  This one is tricky.  I carried my momentum from February into March, but then spring break happened and I completely screwed up my sleep patterns (and the damage has yet to be undone).  If I’m comparing myself to last month, then I didn’t take better care of myself, but if I’m comparing myself to last year, then I did take better care of myself.  And I did lose eight pounds this month (yay!).  Okay – partial credit.
  • Read every day.  Once again I had no room for improvement.  The important thing was that my performance didn’t suffer and it didn’t.  I read 3.5 books this month, but that’s not really the point.  It feels pretty awesome to say it though 🙂
  • Blog every day.  Another resolution where the goal was simply to keep up the good work.  And I did.  Not to say that every post I wrote this month was good, but I wrote 31 of them and that was the idea.
  • Work on my house.  Oh, I regressed on this one.  Bummer.  I did almost nothing in my house this month.  But that’s okay, I just have to keep the goal (sell the house) in mind and recommit myself to it.

In other March news, I finally made it to a baseball game this month (yay!).  Probably the only baseball game I’ll make it to this year (boo!).  But at least the weather was great and I got to watch the entire game.

Yikes, though.  April starts tomorrow.  I have a lot of school stuff due in April.  My homework load has been pretty light for most of the semester.  I wonder if all this school work will affect my ability to blog?  I hope not.

Oh, and even though my college roommate is a French teacher, I have to give Doctor Who credit for teaching me allons-y.

Until tomorrow.

Sometimes I Don’t Understand My Brain


Every time I open Spotify I eventually feel compelled to listen to two songs: Alexisonfire – “This Could Be Anywhere in the World” and Glassjaw – “Ape Dos Mil”.  Not that they’re not good songs, but they’re songs I barely heard when they came out (years ago).  And I have no idea why they hold magical Spotify powers over me now.  It’s only been in this past week that it’s started.

The Alexisonfire thing I can kind of understand.  After all, I’ve been listening to City and Colour’s new record, Little Hell, a lot (and City and Colour is the solo side project of Dallas Green from Alexisonfire).  But I’ve been listening to Little Hell all year.  Why the hell has my brain suddenly decided that I need to listen to “This Could Be Anywhere in the World” every day?

The Glassjaw thing is a complete mystery to me.  (Also, I’m not a big fan of the video because I don’t like clowns.)

Again, I like both of these songs, I just don’t know why my brain suddenly wants to hear them every day.  If you didn’t like them, at least check out City and Colour’s “The Girl.”  You’ll like it, I promise.

Until tomorrow.

Good News

I’m still not feeling particularly inspired, but here’s a list of things I learned in the past 24 or so hours that made me happy.

  • My beloved Wawa will be close to my parents’ house!  Supposedly.  My mom read a little article in one of those lame local “newspapers” that just show up in your mailbox regardless of whether you want it that listed two West Pasco Wawa locations.  Both are pretty close to my parents’ house, but one would only be a couple of miles away.  I can find no confirmation of this, however.  Friggin’ Wawa’s Website only wants to talk about the stupid Orlando/Kissimmee locations.  I get it, Wawa, you only want to acknowledge the locations where you have broken ground, but I’m still mad that you chose to start in Orlando.  There are way more Delaware Valley transplants in Tampa than Orlando.  And don’t talk to me about Sea World (or the Wawa that will be built across the street from it).  Doesn’t it make more sense to start your campaign to take over Central Florida in a place where you have brand recognition?  Doesn’t it??  Sorry, that got rant-y.  S’anyways, this article talks about Wawa taking over one of the locations my mom mentioned (the one further from their house), but it seems less sure of Wawa’s plans than the article my mom talked about.
  • Mike Sweeney is now an analyst at MLB Network!  That’s awesome.  If you’re curious about why a Phillies fan would care so much about a bench guy that we had for a couple of months (or why Enrico mentioned hugs in his post), I present this.  Sweeney and his hugs are the best and I love that guy.  And I have the shirsey to prove it 🙂
  • Speaking of the Phillies, Jim Thome still looks pretty good at first base.  (If you’d prefer to watch it without having to listen to T-Mac and Sarge, Crashburn Alley has GIFs.)  The big test, of course, is how he feels tomorrow, but I’m choosing to remain optomistic.

Okay, technically I didn’t so much learn the Thome thing as watch it, but whatever.  It still made me happy.  As did finding out that the Phillies walked it off in the ninth after I had given up on the game and gone to take a nap.  I know it was just spring training, but I get way too much fun out of rooting against the Rays (and when they can lose to the Phils, it’s even better).  I’m not kidding about the Rays thing, by the way.  I’ve been to one Rays game in the four years I’ve lived here and I spent the game not so much rooting for the White Sox as rooting against the Rays.  Good times.

Until tomorrow.

Inspiration Lacks

Yeah, I got nothin’.  I must have used up all of my words for today on the paper I referenced in yesterday’s post (yep, all 800 of ’em).

I was trying to come up with something to write about, but now Ryan Gosling’s abs in Crazy, Stupid, Love are pretty much all I can think about.  My brain is basically pre-verbal right now.  And I will try to avoid the route taken by every other straight chick on the Internet when it comes to Ryan Gosling (and his abs).  Besides, HelloGiggles already covered it so well.  (Seriously though, go to HelloGiggles and search for “Ryan Gosling.”  He comes up a lot.)

C’est la vie.  Hopefully something will inspire me tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.

Learn My Lesson?

Yeah, I’ve got to research and write a short paper in the next 26 hours.  No time for blogging today.

You’d think I would stop doing this to myself, but no.  Procrastination is way more fun than being proactive.  And I work better under pressure.  (Really, I do.  I’m not just rationalizing.)

Until tomorrow.

Tell All Your Friends

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Taking Back Sunday’s first record, Tell All Your Friends.  Part of me wishes I could say that makes me feel old, but I can’t.  Not really.  It would be one thing if I had purchased TAYF when it came out, but it feels disingenuous to say that about a record that I bought five years ago (no matter how old the record itself is).

Even though I completely slept on Tell All Your Friends (and Taking Back Sunday), I fell in love with this record once I finally bought it.  It is one of my go-to, comfort food records and has the iTunes play count to prove it 🙂 I was tempted to do nothing but quote songs in this post, but I decided to refrain.

I don’t remember how exactly I found out that TAYF was released on March 26, 2002 (or why, for that matter), but I did.  I have a little reminder in iCal and everything.  Apparently I’m not the only person who knows the date, either.  #TellAllYourFriends was a trending topic on Twitter today.  The best part of that were the couple of tweets I saw from people who used that hashtag in a non-TBS context, most likely because they didn’t know why people had started it in the first place.  It was quite amusing.

I’ve been celebrating the anniversary by listening to Tell All Your Friends pretty much exclusively.  (I have no qualms about listening to my favorite records on repeat.  I’m pretty much positive that I will never get sick of TAYF.)  If I’d been thinking, I would’ve watched some of the videos from that record as well.  Like the “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)” video.  (And not just because “Cute Without the ‘E'” is my favorite Taking Back Sunday song and video.)

Ironically, the version on YouTube is uncensored but the version I bought from iTunes five years ago is censored.  (Heaven forbid I hear the word “gun” in song lyrics.  Blah.)

So, congratulations to Adam, John, Mark, Shaun, and Eddie.  Ten years later and it’s still an amazing album (and, even more importantly, the band is still going strong).

If you’ve never listened to Tell All Your Friends, do yourself a favor and listen to it.  (It’s available on Spotify.)  I’m not promising that it will change your life, but it’s a damn good record and everyone should listen to it at least once.

Until tomorrow.

Personal Cheerleaders

Do you have a personal cheerleader?  That friend who will always root for you.  Who you know will support you in whatever crazy endeavor (large or small) you undertake.  Who will never let anyone talk crap on you.

I do.  And it’s pretty awesome.

My personal cheerleader is my college roommate.  (I am also her personal cheerleader, lest you think I’m some sort of terrible person.)  Over the years she has provided me with many positive affirmations.  She even supported my decision to move to Florida, even though she didn’t want me to.  (She also supports my desire to move back to the land of Wawa and TastyKakes, although there’s less altruism in that.)

We coined the term “personal cheerleader” when we were in college.  It’s not really a thing I think about a lot, but every now and again she’ll do something and I’ll remember how awesome it is to have a personal cheerleader.  Today it was a simple text message.  I have a short paper due tomorrow, but I was having a hard time forcing myself to work on it.  I sent her a text about the minuscule window of motivation I was dealing with for this task and her response included “You can do it!”  And, you know what, she was right.  Turns out I just needed to hear from my personal cheerleader 🙂

So whenever you read this, woommate, thanks for being my personal cheerleader.  It is greatly appreciated.

Until tomorrow.