Month: May 2014


I’ve decided to put this blog on hiatus. The time and energy I spend on it would be better spent on other things (like finding a job). There are other considerations as well, but the basic gist is that I need to stop blogging for a while.

Lord willing, this hiatus will be short. But who knows. So thank you for reading my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it; I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it.

Until someday.

Friday Already?

This week has been weird. It just has. Anyways…

I’ve been compiling stuff in my Reading List for weeks but haven’t done a Friday list in a while so I just did some culling because I don’t want my list to be too long. Some of this stuff is a bit old so I apologize if you’ve seen it already.

  • They turned the Lizzie Bennet Diaries into a book! Want.
  • Cookie Monster: always charming.
  • I found this Mental Floss article about how Philly’s neighborhood’s got their names fascinating.
  • A puppy video, because duh. Also, English bulldog puppies are my favorite.
  • This video is basically my life every morning with the kitten playing the role of me and the rude human playing the role of either or both of my parents (depending on the day). Why should I get out of bed? Bed is my friend.
  • Did you see James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman on the Graham Norton Show? You didn’t? Stop what you’re doing and go watch it on On Demand. Or at least watch these clips.

Every single time I actually do one of these anymore it feels like an accomplishment. Go me!

Until tomorrow.

Happy Dance

This is a great time to be alive.

Brand New announced three Florida shows in October on Tuesday. Including one in St. Pete. I found out about these shows 15 minutes after the presale tickets went on sale. But the presale had already sold out. Not to fear, though, because I had nearly 48 hours notice of the general ticket on sale today at noon.

Then my dad came home at 11:40 and asked if I’d go pick up Five Guys if he ordered it online. I said sure because I figured there was no way he’d be ready to order it before noon (plus, I mean, it’s Five Guys). Less than five minutes later he asked what toppings I wanted on my little cheeseburger. And a minute later the order was submitted and the website said it would be ready at 11:53. I kinda started to panic but I had the Ticketmaster app on my phone and the last time we ordered Five Guys online it took longer than the website said it would to get the food.

Not this time, however. I got to the restaurant a few minutes late (the 25 MPH speed limit in my parents’ community is such a pain in the ass) and still managed to walk out with the food at 11:59. At this point I had two choices: hang out in the parking lot a few extra minutes or drive home and then attempt to buy tickets online by which time they probably would’ve sold out. (In fact, people on Facebook are claiming the St. Pete show sold out in one minute!)

So, yeah, I stayed in the parking lot. And since I was logged in to the app it took practically no time for me to buy my ticket. The hard part is refreshing the page at just the right time to claim a ticket. I don’t consider myself a particularly lucky person, but I have the fucking Midas touch when it comes to Ticketmaster; I’ve never failed to get tickets to a Brand New show that was sold through Ticketmaster. It’s not the best superpower ever, but I’m fond of it 🙂

Today was a good day.

Until tomorrow.

Truly Outrageous

Having moved in with my parents, I’ve turned what were once their living and dining rooms into a Kristin warehouse. In an effort to take up as small a space as possible I started repacking things. The ultimate goal is to get the boxes ready to be loaded onto a moving truck and hauled up north as soon as I have a job and a place to live. (Apparently my brother thought I was going to find a place to live and then get a job, but I just don’t see how that’s feasible.)

Because I don’t always make the best choices I decided that the first thing I should tackle is my Big Box ‘o Barbies.

The problem with that choice is that as soon as I opened the box I wanted nothing more than to play with my Barbies. But I (pretty much) managed to ignore that temptation. Until, that is, I opened the red plastic bag that’s even with all the Barbie furniture in that picture.

You see, the contents of that bag were truly outrageous.

That’s right, I found my Jem dolls! They’re slightly weirder than I remember, actually, due to their shoulder and wrist joints. But still, Jem! I may have taken a minute or two to change Jem’s clothes 🙂

Unfortunately I had to put everything back in the giant green tub because my parents were expecting a contractor and I couldn’t very well leave the Barbie Explosion out. It was still the highlight of my day, though.

Until tomorrow.


This has not been a great day.

First, I did a less than fabulous job dying my hair. I don’t know how I managed to keep large parts of my hair completely dye-free, but I did. My hair kind of looks like a fuzzy caterpillar. Or a weird faux ombré. (None of this is to say that it necessarily looks bad; I may decide that I like it and want to keep it. I’m just bummed at the totally shittastic job I did.)

Then I got an email from the company I applied to yesterday that said I had not been selected for an interview. Phooey. I am positive I could’ve kicked ass at that job.

And now Cliff Lee is going on the DL. Boo!

Until tomorrow.

Good Luck With That

I got the refund check for my recalled Fitbit Force today. It came with a letter from Fitbit’s president or CEO or some such thanking me for my loyalty. Yeah, good luck with that. I’m totally going to put that money away so I can use it to buy whatever you come out with that replaces the Force. I’m totally not going to use it for an Amazon shopping spree. (Actually, that one is true. That money’s going to end up going towards my credit card payment. I wish I could spend it on Amazon, though; I could get so many things I want with 140 bucks.)

Thankfully my birthday’s only a month away. My birthday wishlist is like an Amazon shopping spree only with an element of chance: I include all the things I would buy myself if I could afford it and I have no idea which items people will actually buy until I unwrap my gifts. (I’m being very literal, by the bye; there’s almost no difference between my Amazon wishlist and the birthday wishlist I have in Evernote.)

In other news, I applied for a job that would be perfect for me today. If you have any positive vibes you’d care to send in my direction, I’d really appreciate them 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Why Did I Just Watch That?

Why yes, yes I am referring to the Billboard Music Awards. How did you know?

I watched because I wanted to see 5 Seconds of Summer. (Don’t judge me.) And I kinda wanted to see the “historic” Michael Jackson performance (which I ended up missing due to the far more important FaceTime call from my niece). As far as I can tell they used the Hologram Tupac technology to bring us Hologram MJ, right? I’m surprised it took this long for that to happen.

Things I was not expecting: performances from Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. It’s like time-traveling back to my senior year of college and being forced to listen to my roommate’s shitty music all over again. Also, heard Florida Georgia Line for the first time ever; I had to mute the TV five seconds into the performance because I was afraid my ears were going to start bleeding from the awfulness. I know I’m no country music fan, but that was terrible by country standards. And people actually like that band? Yeesh.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Lorde, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus wore hideous fashion crimes against humanity, but I kind of was. (Okay, Lorde wasn’t as bad as the other two, but it was pretty bad.) I enjoyed the subtlety of the big balloons over Katy’s tits; wait, I’m sorry, that was the opposite of subtle. And Miley: I have no words. I wish the Rolling Stones would sue her for copyright infringement.

Speaking of clothes, I get that 5 Seconds of Summer is a legit pop-punk band and good for them. But when I saw the dude rocking the Misfits shirt I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s actually a fan of the Misfits or if the band’s stylist told him to wear a Misfits shirt. Same goes for the dude who I’m pretty sure was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. I’d rather they wear Blink-182 and All Time Low shirts if those are their real influences.

At any rate, I enjoyed 5SoS’s performance (and appreciated the fact that it didn’t feature fat people stripping down to their underwear). I also enjoyed Katy Perry, as much as I bitched about her outfit; I’d really like to see her live someday.

Until tomorrow.