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I recently realized that I’m quite susceptible to visual stimuli. For example, when I watched The Neighbourhood’s video for “Afraid” yesterday it made me want a cigarette. (I’m not positive, but I think the last time I had a cigarette was 2009 and most of the time I’m completely okay with that.) Then tonight I saw a Toyota Tundra commercial and it made me want pizza of all things. (It would never make me want a truck; I am not a truck person.)

I don’t really know what to make of this realization, but I thought it was strange. And then I thought I would share it 🙂

Until tomorrow.

That Was Lucky

Twenty minutes ago I opened the Vevo app because I was casting around for something to blog about. This ended up being a good move on my part 🙂 The front page of the app reminded me of two new videos I’d wanted to see but had forgotten about: The Neighbourhood’s “Afraid” and the non-dog version of American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life.”

The American Authors video is cute (even without an English bulldog). The Neighbourhood video is interesting (not least because I don’t think I’d ever seen a video that contained an epilepsy warning before).

So thanks to whatever spirit inspired me to launch the Vevo app.

Until tomorrow.

Cut It Out, Commercials

There are two recent commercials that make me feel feelings every time I see them. Every. Single. Time. I even cried the first time I saw each. And this would be okay if they weren’t commercials for gum and beer. Gum and beer! It’s one thing for Hallmark and Google commercials to make me cry; I kind of expect them to. But Extra gum and Guinness? It’s too fucking weird.

Commercials need to stop with this sappy bullshit. Yes, the commercials are memorable and I’m talking about them, but they’re not going to get me to buy Extra or Guinness. (But it’s not because I’m mad at either brand for its sappy commercial; I pretty much only chew Trident gum and I don’t drink beer so I clearly don’t drink Guinness.) So those commercials are actually failures when it comes to the real purpose of commercials (getting the viewer to buy the product advertised).

Until tomorrow.


I’ve long used a flashlight app on my iPhone while walking upstairs after a productive night of sitting on my ass watching television. It’s so convenient. The LED flash provides more than enough illumination and it means I don’t have to turn on lights just to walk down hallways. So you can imagine how excited I was to discover that iOS 7’s new control center has a built-in flashlight app. New Apple flashlight app! Yay! (It’s the little things.)

But now I’m not so sure that I love it. While I was walking into my office (to start this very blog post) my iPhone started playing a Straylight Run song and it scared the bejesus out of me. Seriously. I flinched so violently that a lot of water flew out of the cup I was carrying and landed on my desk. (Thank God I wasn’t walking up the stairs at the time because I probably would’ve fallen and died.) I guess I somehow told my iPhone to play the Straylight Run song (which shouldn’t even be on my iPhone), but I don’t know how I did it. Weird.

On the other hand, I’d been at a loss for a blog post topic before my iPhone scared me half to death. Thanks?

Until tomorrow.

Who Authorized This?

You guys, Arsenio Hall is on my TV. Why is Arsenio Hall on my TV? And on the CW, of all networks! Does the CW’s target demographic even know who the hell Arsenio Hall is? I mean, I was too young to watch his late night show back in the day (which is not to say that I never did, but I really wasn’t supposed to). And now, 20 years after the show ended, he’s got another one, because that is a thing that makes sense.

And now Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi are on the show promoting their new show, Dads, which I will not watch even though I’ve loved Seth Green since Buffy.

Did I really just see a commercial for ribs at Boston Market? What the hell, Boston Market?

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s stunning example of why I don’t blog while watching TV 🙂

Until tomorrow.


All of a sudden I am covered in goosebumps. This would be okay if the air conditioning had just kicked in, but it didn’t. There is no discernible reason for my goosebumps. This is very strange.

It did give me something to write about, though, so that’s something.

Until tomorrow.