Month: June 2012

Month In Review: June

Wow, we are nominally halfway through the year. Where has the time gone?

  • Take better care of myself. I’m like a broken record with this, but I can once again only give myself partial credit for this. The month started on the right track. I was more or less eating right and I even exercised a couple of times, but then my birthday happened. And instead of being inspired to take better care of myself, I was inspired to eat as much junk food as possible. Not to mention all of the extra calories I’ve been consuming in the shape of frappuccinos and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and free sodas in the break room. I’ve already decided that I’m going to get serious about this after the Fourth. But in the meantime, I have a bunch of junk food in my house that I have to eat. (I can’t just let it go to waste, you guys.)
  • Read every day. I was really quite smart when I came up with these resolutions, giving myself some that would be easy and others that wouldn’t be so easy. This is one of the easy ones. (Going in to this year I thought it would be the only easy one.) I only read 2.5 books this month, but that included 2 Austen novels: Northanger Abbey (which is great) and Mansfield Park (which is awful). (I’m now halfway through my Austen re-read and I ordered the books so that I’ll read 2 great ones, 2 bad ones, and 2 great ones. I’m also interested to see if my opinion of any of the books changes this time around, but that hasn’t been the case so far.)
  • Blog every day. This is my other easy resolution, even though I was afraid it would be quite difficult. When I really stop and think about it, I am pretty shocked that I’ve managed to blog every day. But I really like blogging. I mean, how else could I ever justify spending hours on YouTube looking for Chase Utley videos?
  • Work on my house. Yikes. Does selling old textbooks and DVDs to Amazon count as working on my house? If it doesn’t, then I haven’t done a thing for my house this month. At this point I don’t even care if asking my mom to help clean my house makes me a bad person, it has to be done.

Holy crap, I just looked at a calendar and there are only three weeks left in the semester. And I will have a lot of assignments due. This will adversely affect my blogging, but I will try to post every day. Thank God my boss asked me to take next week off.

But my reward at the end of July will be a trip down the shore. I’ve already got my plane tickets to Philly for the last weekend of the month. Can’t wait!

Until tomorrow.

How Could I Forget This?

I spent some time at The Atlantic Wire this morning after my personal cheerleader sent me a link to this article about the best girl-power books. I agreed with a bunch of the selections, but more importantly I started following links.

That’s how I found this article about re-readable books. I’m a big fan of re-reading books, so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to that link. There were quite a few books listed that are high on my re-reading list, so that made me happy (especially the Betsy-Tacy shout out).

But the thing that really struck me was the mention of Christopher Pike books. I freaking loved Christopher Pike when I was in middle school and I’m so upset that I completely forgot about him! I owned a bunch of his books and read them a lot. (Although I had a hard time picking out any of the titles from the list on his Wikipedia page. So maybe his books didn’t have as big of an impact as I’d thought they would at the time. But I am pretty sure that I had the Final Friends Trilogy and at least one book from the Remember Me series. But I had so many more than four books and it’s bumming me out that I can’t remember anything else.) I have this really strong urge to read Christopher Pike now. Which would present quite a contrast to Jane Austen. I may have to get over to the Brandon Library to see what Christopher Pike books they have, because I really don’t feel like buying any.

Seriously, brains are so weird. Middle school me is horrified that I ever forgot about Christopher Pike because she didn’t think it possible. But then just reading the name (in a non-Star Trek context) immediately reminded me of how much I loved him and made me want to read him again. And YA horror/thriller books are not generally my thing.

It really would be something to revisit. I’m taking a YA books course next semester, so maybe I can justify it that way.

Until tomorrow.

I’m A Bad Influence

It’s true. You can ask this guy Larry that I knew in college.

I took an awesome and unexpected trip down memory lane this morning. My personal cheerleader and I were having a random text message conversation (as we do), when she referred to herself as a bad influence. At first I agreed with her, but then I remembered that when we were in school I was the one who was called a bad influence. I wasn’t even sure if she was going to get the reference because my message didn’t mention college and I had only just thought of it for the first time in forever. Not only did she know what I was talking about, but she took it a step further and tried to remember who had originally deemed me a bad influence. She suggested another guy we knew named Jackson. And after she said Jackson I remembered that it was Larry, who was Jackson’s roommate.

(As she pointed out, this is just yet more proof that we share the same brain.)

I don’t remember why the hell Larry ever decided that I was a bad influence, though. (Kinda makes the story worse, doesn’t it?) It was probably a joke about how quiet and shy I am. But, if so, there was no malice in it; I certainly wasn’t offended. Hell, I kind of took it as a badge of honor. I’m pretty sure I made a sign that said “I’m a bad influence” and hung it on the door of my dorm room. (Or one of my friends made the sign. The point is, there was a sign.)

It was an inside joke amongst my college friends for years. And then I completely forgot about it. Until this morning. Isn’t the brain weird? And awesome.

Until tomorrow.


What did you do for Chase Utley Day?

I began the day by obsessively checking social media for official word that he was, in fact, being activated from the DL today. Once it was officially official, I was able to relax a little bit and search the Interwebz for some Chase Utley greatest hits (as it were). Like this video of one of my all-time favorite Harry Kalas calls. (Seriously, watch it because it’s awesome.) Oddly, though, I found myself spending more time on interview-type moments instead of on the field moments. For a guy who is well-known for a kind of antagonistic relationship with the media, he does have some awesome on camera moments. Like this one

And this (NSFW) moment will always be special to me. It wasn’t technically an interview, but he was on live TV.

Seriously though, everything about the (infamous) “world effing champions” line was amazing and perfect. I actually watched it live (online). I know every Philly news station was carrying the victory parade live (and without any sort of a delay – whoops) and I think most of them were also streaming it online. I spent hours sitting at my desk at my first crappy Tampa temp job, watching (and sometimes just listening) to the 6ABC stream. It was glorious.

But the weirdest thing I did to celebrate Chase Utley day was buy a Led Zeppelin greatest hits record. Now, I don’t like Zeppelin and I never have, but AmazonMP3 picked the absolute perfect day to offer said greatest hits record for $2.99. You see, I had a $1 credit for AmazonMP3. And I did have this overwhelming desire to listen to “Kashmir.” (Especially since they never played it at the Threshers game last week.) Sure, I could’ve just spent the buck on “Kashmir,” but it seemed silly to waste the chance to pay $1.99 for 23 “extra” songs.

(It occurs to me that you might not know what the hell Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” has to do with anything. It is and always has been Utley’s walk-up song. To the point that Twitter exploded during his first at-bat tonight because they didn’t play “Kashmir” at CBP.)

So why did I name my second Chase Utley post in as many days “apotheosis?”

Have you read the Dan Brown books about Robert Langdon? If you have, you probably know that apotheosis means deification or god-making. (Does apotheosis come up in all the Robert Langdon books or just The Lost Symbol? It’s been so long since I’ve read any of them that I can’t remember.) And that is absolutely the thing that Phillies fans do to Chase Utley. Especially the past two years when he has started the season on the DL.

He is seen as a bit of a savior for the team. He certainly seemed like one tonight when he went yard during his first at-bat of the year! (And I see you in the dugout, Ryan Howard, about to start a rehab assignment!) And then Chooch followed with a home run of his own. Man, the first inning was fun. The rest of the game, not so much. But whatever, it is June 27th and Chase Utley is back in red pinstripes and that is freaking awesome!

And I need to go to bed 😦

Until tomorrow.

Happy Utley Eve

This is a legit holiday for Phillies fans, you guys.

And this was one of those boring days where nothing inspired me to write, so you get me blabbing on about Chase Utley some more.

He went 2-for-5 with a home run for the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs. And if all goes according to plan he will be back in red pinstripes tomorrow! *Kermit flail*

Needless to say, this is great freaking news 🙂

It’s almost as exciting as the shots of him doing fielding work at Citizens Bank Park yesterday. In a sleeveless t-shirt. Oh my God, his arms. Look, I’ve had a thing for Utley forever (dudes with dark hair and light eyes are kind of my type), but he’s even hotter now. Just sayin’.

Y’know, Utley was the reason I finally caved and bought last season. He was making his season debut, it was about a month before my birthday, it seemed like an awesome early birthday gift to myself. And it was.

Oh yeah, and the Phillies won as well! Chooch is on another tear. As of right now he leads all of baseball with a .361 batting average. And he’s still third in All-Star voting. That is downright shameful.

Alright, I’m tired, it’s almost midnight, and I haven’t read anything yet today. (I’m currently re-reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park if you’re interested.) I am off to bed.

Until tomorrow.

Yeah, Okay

Last week I thought my new boss was pretty cool, but it turns out that she’s kind of a bitch.

I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into it or taking it too personally or something, but it’s kinda messed up to get upset with me about not meeting an expectation that you never set. Oh, you expected me to stuff the entire ginormous pile of checks and extraneous related paperwork into envelopes today? That’s nice, you never told me that.

I can say lots of bad things about one of my old bosses, but one good thing is that she was very into expectation-setting. We always knew what she expected of us. I think I took that for granted until I was reprimanded for failing to read my boss’ mind. (Okay, “reprimanded” is a strong word; it’s not like she yelled at me. I don’t remember if she used the word “disappointed” or not, but she was clearly disappointed.)

And admittedly, I was lollygagging a bit. But I just saw a pile of work to be done, not a pile of work to be done today. Plus, there was one day last week when no one gave me anything to do (true story), so I think I could even be justified in “hoarding” work.


And then my mom called shortly after I got home and I told her the story (since, y’know, it was the only interesting thing that had happened to me). I didn’t call my boss a bitch, but I was venting a little. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my mom is literally the worst person I know to vent to. It’s been that way since I started working retail in college and wanted to complain about customers (which is one of the ways you stay sane when you work retail). Somehow I am always the asshole for daring to get upset about whatever I’m complaining about. It’s like if you were to complain about something on Twitter and have a thousand strangers reply #FirstWorldProblems. Only, y’know, it’s your own damn mother.

I pretty much checked out of the conversation at that point since I was kinda angry, but my mom clearly didn’t notice. As evidenced by the fact that she called me again at 8 PM and the first thing she did was ask if I was still upset about my boss. I couldn’t believe she brought it up again and really had no desire to rehash it. And I actually kind of told her that, instead of just getting all passive-aggressive. Which is kind of a big deal for me.

So, yeah, that was my day. I still think I am well within my rights to be annoyed, regardless of what my mom thinks.

But the Phillies won! The bottom half of the first inning was one of the most fun things I’ve seen in ages 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Is The Sun Still In The Sky?

I am legitimately curious. I didn’t see the sun at all today, so for all I know it no longer exists.

Yeah, it has been raining since the moment that I woke up this morning. Yay! And it wasn’t some measly drizzle, oh no. More often than not it was a torrential downpour. Double yay! (Not least because I had to make the 43 mile trek from my parents’ house.)

I ended up staying at my parents’ house much later than I had intended to because I was waiting for the storm to let up. But it never really did.

I did manage to get home in time for the tornado watch and warning. Triple yay! (Does anyone know the difference between a watch and a warning? I know that one of them means a tornado is possible and the other means that a tornado is either imminent or has been spotted, but I don’t know which is which. Why are the words so damn similar?)

At least I never lost power. That really would’ve sucked. But this wasn’t really the best way to end my weekend. (For that matter, neither was the Phillies getting swept in a day-night doubleheader.)

Until tomorrow.