Month: May 2013

Month In Review: May

Crap, it’s late. I’ll have to keep it short if I want to get this posted in May (which I do).

  • Read every day. Still going strong with this resolution. Yay!
  • Blog every day. See above 🙂
  • Exercise every day. Yeah, no. I spent most of this month sitting on my ass with the occasional walk in 80+ degree weather with my mom or trip to the driving range with my parents.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Yeah, no. On days when I couldn’t be bothered to shower brushing my teeth felt like too much work.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. Yeah, no. I realized the other day that I am scared (what I am scared of is as yet undetermined) and that the fear has kind of paralyzed me. This is why I will spend five hours sitting in my living room listening to podcasts and thinking about the five million other things I should be doing but never actually do any of those five million things. It’s also why I’ve only applied for two freaking jobs in five months even though I really, really, really want to move back up north.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? I hope that’s what I was doing in acknowledging my fear above. We’ll see though, won’t we?

Until tomorrow.

P.S. The Friday list is postponed until tomorrow. This was more important.


Double Ha

I thought I was a pathetic excuse for an adult yesterday, but that was nothing compared to today. I did exactly none of the things I should have. So, y’know, why stop there?

Until tomorrow.


I realized that I have nine (9!) different kinds of ice cream in my house. I had this realization while eating my third ice cream bar of the day. I’m clearly a grown-up.

Other things I ate today: three Wawa pretzels and a large Wawa caramel cream smoothie (which was insanely delicious, by the by). That’s pretty much it. When you combine that with the two naps of unknown length I took this afternoon I am the grown-up-iest grown-up that ever lived.

In other news, today is the third anniversary of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. I am always going to regret not watching that game. I didn’t have back then, but I had FoxSports Florida, which broadcasts all Marlins games. Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time, but that’s no excuse. Judging by how nervous I got watching several plays on that video – even though I knew what was going to happen – I probably would’ve stressed myself the hell out if I’d watched that game live. Hell, I remember how nervous I was watching Doc’s no-hitter in the NLDS; to this day my heart races when I watch footage of the last out of that game.

Until tomorrow.

All’s Well That Ends Well

So my personal cheerleader finally received the package I shipped to her. And it only took 15 days. So glad I paid 18 bucks for that. (I am seriously considering asking UPS for a refund since they did screw me over.) Also, really stoked that no one at UPS ever bothered to inform me that they’d found the package. It’s not like I’m the sucker who paid them to ship it or anything.

I’m still angry because that’s more or less my default setting, but I have to give UPS credit. They cared that the package wasn’t delivered (after I persuaded them that, yes, I know your system says it was delivered, but my friend doesn’t have it). They offered me an option to deal with their mistake. And, hell, they rectified the situation. (I would really love to know where the package was for the last 10 days, though.)

So to recap: don’t ship anything ever, but if you must, use UPS. I mean, I suppose you could use FedEx (they haven’t screwed me over yet), but I have an irrational dislike of them.

Thus concludes the saga of shipping. I hope to God that I never have to blog about shipping ever again.

Until tomorrow.

Into Darkness

I loved Star Trek Into Darkness. Loved it. (Also, I managed to remain un-spoiled going in and I’m pretty proud of that.)

I know that some people really hated it and I don’t really understand that (which is not to downplay others’ opinions). It was a big, fun action movie. The first one was a big, fun action movie. What more do you expect from a franchise movie that’s one of the first (if not the first) blockbusters of the summer movie season?

You know what I find especially confusing? The people who loved the first movie but hated this one. This one has Benedict Cumberbatch; it has to be better 🙂 (Seriously, I think I like this one better. I certainly want to run right back out and watch it again.) For a kind of strange-looking man, Benedict Cumberbatch is one sexy motherfucker. I rather enjoyed watching him emote, too, since Sherlock so rarely has emotions.

(Random digression: I just discovered that both ’emo’ and ’emocore’ are in the app and I had to share that.)

Until tomorrow.

Random Thought

I’m going to see Star Trek Into Darkness tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. I watched part of Star Trek this afternoon in anticipation and I realized that I’m so used to seeing Chris Hemsworth with long hair that I barely recognize him as Kirk’s father. I said as much to my parents and my mom refused to believe that he was the same guy who plays Thor, so I guess I may be on to something.

In other news, why the hell did an Of Monsters and Men song pop into my head just now? (And it’s not even “Little Talks;” it’s “King and Lionheart.”) Fun fact: I liked them when “Little Talks” came out but then it got overplayed and I bought their record when it was on sale at Amazon but only listened to it once because it was, like, the never-ending record. Now I mostly change the channel whenever the radio subjects me to them, but somehow I learned some of the words and melody to “King and Lionheart.” But the last thing I listened to was Metallica, for crying out loud. Why is the DJ in my head subjecting me to crap? I’d better listen to some The Neighbourhood or Bastille or Cayucas or some other alt rock band that hasn’t upset me yet ASAP.

Until tomorrow.