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Strange Day

It was bad enough that my alarm was set for 5:15 this morning, but then I had to go and wake up sometime around 4:50. Who wakes up before their alarm when said alarm is set for a ridiculously early time? Who does that?

I’m pretty sure I woke up because of some weird and/or freaky dream I was having. That’s happened to me at least three times in the past week, actually. I wouldn’t say they were nightmares, but they were definitely disturbing. (Not that I remember any of the dreams. I only remember that I felt disturbed when I woke up.)

And then there was swimming (in an outdoor pool at 5:30 in the morning). And I actually love to swim, but it was weird to be in a public pool that early. That was followed by grilled burgers and hot dogs for lunch. And then a nap ’cause I was exhausted.

I turned off the Phillies game in the top of the eighth because I was certain that it was not going to end well. But they came back and won, so yay! And now I’m yawning again so I should probably go to bed.

Until tomorrow.

Oh Noes

Dammit! I just accidentally erased the blog post I was *this close* to publishing. Stupid fucking iPad keyboard! (Who puts an undo button on a keyboard? I mean, really.)

Anyways, I didn’t post yesterday because I was asleep (seriously). And I’m gonna try to go to sleep now even though it’s only 8 PM.

Until tomorrow.

Wait What?

I slept last night, you guys. Granted, I fell asleep sometime around 4 AM, but whatever. I was positive that there was no way I’d sleep after yesterday’s six-hour nap, so imagine my shock when my alarm went off and I realized I’d been asleep. The last thing I remember was waiting for the current episode of The O.C. to end and thinking about what I was going to do when I got up. But then I fell asleep. Life is so weird.

Perhaps even weirder than the fact that I slept is the fact that I got out of bed at 7:30 even though I’d only gotten, like, three hours of sleep. I’d hoped to stay up all day and work on cleaning my house, but that didn’t happen. When I was eating lunch I decided to take a break from cleaning and watch The Hunger Games, but then I fell asleep while Katniss sang to Rue. And I slept for four or five hours.

I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. Will I sleep? Will I watch a couple of episodes of The O.C. and then get out of bed at 4 AM? Who knows? (This is like the least-exciting serialized story ever.)

Until tomorrow.


Remember the end of July when my sleep schedule got completely screwed up? It started again. I don’t think I’ve slept at night since at least Monday. Yay?

Thus far I’ve gotten through the days by taking a nap or two, with the first one generally starting around 9 AM. This isn’t an ideal situation, but it’s been workable. I’m worried about tomorrow, though. The contractor is supposed to come to the house at 8:30 tomorrow morning, which is when I’ve been my sleepiest this week. And I can’t very well take a nap when I’m alone in my house with God knows how many strangers. I think as long as I can find stuff to do that involves staying upright, I’ll be okay. I’m not looking forward to it. Not at all.

Until tomorrow.

Month In Review: July

I’m not really feeling up to this so I’m going to be really short.

  • Read every day. Yes.
  • Blog every day. Yes.
  • Exercise every day. Fuck no.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. No.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. Fuck no.

See, short.

In other news, I actually slept last night. I probably fell asleep sometime around 1 AM (at least, I think that’s when I went to bed); all I really know is that I fell asleep quickly. This is all good, right? Now for the bad: I was so happy to be asleep when my alarm went off that I hit the snooze button. And continued to do so for a couple of hours. And eventually must have accidentally turned my alarm off at which point I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 2 PM.

Everything sucks and is awful.

Until tomorrow.

It Never Stops

(Is it weird that I’m not sure if I had that Bad Books song in my head before I decided to name this post that or not?)

Why yes, yes I did spend a third consecutive night not ever sleeping. How could you tell?

At 3:30 this morning I was thinking that if I’m only ever going to feel awake in the middle of the night then I should take advantage of that and do stuff in the middle of the night. But not then. Oh no. Then I was content to stay in bed mostly watching but sometimes only listening to The O.C. But I swear to God if I’m still awake four hours from now I will get up and do something productive.

I’m feeling slightly bullish about my chances of actually sleeping tonight, though. I only took one nap today and it was only two hours long and it was in the morning. And I really needed that nap, too (and not just because sleep is important); I finally watched the last three Doctor Who episodes and they left me emotionally drained. And sleepy. Very, very sleepy.

I’m not entirely sure how I spent my time today when I wasn’t watching Doctor Who or the Phillies game (a win! holy crap!), but I am hopeful that I will be asleep an hour from now.

Until tomorrow.

It’s Getting Worse

For the second day in a row I got out of bed at 5 AM because I was wide awake due to not having slept at all. I spent the only two productive hours of my day (from 5 to 7) cleaning my inboxes and listening to (vinyl) records. I was so exhausted after those strenuous two hours that I spent the rest of the day on my couch.

The only real difference between yesterday and today is that instead of taking one ill-advised nap I took two. The first one started at 9-something in the morning. I took a nap at 9-something in the morning! Granted, I’d been out of bed for four hours (and awake since my last nap ended at 11 PM), but it just feels so wrong to take a three-hour nap at 9 AM. At least my second nap (which ended at 9 PM) was only an hour long.

This is not a good pattern, but I don’t see it ending any time soon. Awesome.

Until tomorrow.