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Month In Review: April 2014

Guess what? I’m not dead. Hooray!

  • Read every day. Yep.
  • Blog every day. Nope.
  • Exercise every day. A world of no.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Kind of.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I spent the last two weeks (some of these things will get their own blog posts eventually): saw Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, flew home for approximately 48 hours for niece and Easter, attempted to recover from the lack of sleep occasioned by the aforementioned show and trip, packed up all the shit in my house and moved it to my parents’ house, tried to recover from that, sold my house (signed on the dotted line and everything), and finished my temp job. It’s kind of a lot, right? Especially for me. So, yeah, that’s why I didn’t blog. It’s also why I’m going to go to sleep in about five minutes.

Until tomorrow.

Month In Review: March 2014

I spent the last hour-plus reading and I just realized how tired I am. This will, therefore, be short.

  • Read every day. Yep.
  • Blog every day. Yep.
  • Exercise every day. Nope.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Kind of. I managed to do this more days than not, which is (sadly) a big accomplishment for me.

The Phillies game is on my TV right now because I didn’t get to watch much of it live. I’ve now seen most of the good stuff (and there was a lot of good stuff), which means I won’t have to force myself to keep watching. Because sleep is needed.

Also, I watched the How I Met Your Mother finale tonight and I am not well pleased. Not well pleased at all.

Until tomorrow.

Month In Review: February 2014

I’m sleepy, which is good if it’s bedtime (which it is) but bad if I want to blog (which I do). Sleeping is gonna win, but I’d hate myself if I didn’t do a month in review post first.

  • Read every day. I did.
  • Blog every day. I almost did. In fact, I almost unintentionally lied and said I did because I forgot about my weekend in Jersey.
  • Exercise every day. I really did not.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. I did some days, but not every day.

This month was even worse than the last one. Awesome.

At least there’s baseball.

Until tomorrow.

It Happens Every Year

I make resolutions. My track record with respect to keeping them isn’t that great, but a new year is a fresh start.

I’ve got four resolutions this year, all of which are carried over from last year:

  • Read every day. This will, of course, be the easiest one to keep.
  • Blog every day. This will be the second easiest one to keep.
  • Exercise every day. This one won’t be easy, but it’s important.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. This should be easy, but I know it won’t be.

This year I’ve decided to forego resolutions that aren’t concrete tasks. After all, I was never any better at the vague resolutions than I was at the concrete ones.

In other news, both seasons of Sherlock are available for free on Amazon Instant Video for Amazon Prime members. (I knew Prime was still good for something.) I’m gonna go watch an episode or two before bed 🙂

Until tomorrow.

Month In Review: December AND Year In Review: 2013

So it turns out that I have no interest in blogging today, but I would really hate myself if I didn’t do month in review and year in review posts and writing said posts in 2014 would be nearly as bad as not writing them at all. Luckily those posts would be pretty much identical, so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone in this post.

  • Read every day. Yes. Woohoo!
  • Blog every day. Nope.
  • Exercise every day. No.
  • Brush my teeth twice a day. Sadly no.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. A little bit.

This year sucked. I don’t really want to think about it. 2014 can’t get here fast enough.

Until tomorrow.

Month In Review: November

I remembered to write my month in review post during the month in question. Hooray! (It’s sad that that’s a thing worth celebrating, but what are you gonna do?)

  • Read every day. I’m thankful that I’m still going strong with this and I know that if it weren’t for this resolution there would have been days (particularly this month) when I would have gone to sleep without reading. So these resolutions are good for something.
  • Blog every day. I could make excuses about extenuating circumstances, but the truth is that I did not do this.
  • Exercise every day. No.
  • Brush my teeth twice every day. Sadly no.
  • Break out of my comfort zone. A little bit.

Maybe next month will be better. It’s not likely, but it’s not inconceivable either.

Until tomorrow.