Month: October 2013

It Happened Again

I stopped at Starbucks this morning (the same Starbucks where the person in front of me paid for my order last week) and the person in front of me in the drive thru line paid for my order. So for the second week in a row I got a free Pumpkin Spice Latte (and today’s order also included oatmeal, which was delicious). And once again I didn’t pay it forward (see last week’s entry for my list of excuses).

And now I want to go back to Starbucks next week to see if it happens again. Is there something about paying for strangers’ coffee at Starbucks on Thursdays? Was my experience just a crazy, random happenstance? I must know.

The only downside was that my Pumpkin Spice Latte was served in a Christmas cup. Really? C’mon, guys, it’s Halloween. Could we at least wait until November to break out the Christmas cups? (Remember once upon a time when the Christmas season really didn’t start until after Thanksgiving? I miss that.)

Until tomorrow.



I’m not so much happy that the Red Sox won as I am happy that the Cardinals lost. (So very, very happy that the Cardinals lost.) Plus, I can’t not root for Shane Victorino.

Also, I think my ESPN app is broken because it says that the Sixers beat the Heat. That can’t be right. Can it? (This is the extent of my basketball interest: I’ll check Sixers scores online if I remember. And am surprised if they win.)

And now I have to read a few pages and then go to bed. This getting up at 6:30 thing is kicking my ass.

Until tomorrow.

Five Years

I asked my parents if they remembered what happened five years ago tonight. Disappointingly, neither of them got anywhere close to the correct answer: the Phillies won the World Series.

I listened to the morning after episode of Preston & Steve at work today. It was quite the trip down memory lane. It made me feel feelings, too, which wasn’t the best plan. (I didn’t really want to be that weird new girl who cries at her desk while listening to her iPod.)

It’s amazing how much of that old Preston & Steve show I remember. But then again, so much of that week between the end of the World Series and Election Day is imprinted on my brain. I know I mentioned this last year, but I still remember so clearly sitting on my couch after Lidge struck Hinske out and thinking, “so this is what this feels like.” (Interestingly, the same thing happened after Obama was elected five years ago.) I remember driving to work the next morning and seeing a plane take off (my first job down here was very close to the airport) and thinking seriously about taking off the next day to fly home for the parade. I didn’t, though, because I was poor (or so I thought at the time), I didn’t actually get days off as a temp (and I’d just come back from a five-day family trip to Disney), and I was going home in two weeks for my cousin’s wedding. (I had a miserable time at that wedding, having gotten shitfaced with my friends in West Chester the night before. Yay for bad decisions!)

And now I have to go to bed.

Until tomorrow.


Remember that job I interviewed for a few weeks ago and didn’t get and I was all bummed out because it meant I couldn’t buy Allegiant? Well, I got it. (Technically I got another position doing the same thing.) It’s weird. But awesome. But weird.

And yes, I already ordered Allegiant from Amazon. It’ll be here on Wednesday šŸ™‚

So now I have to try to go to bed at a decent hour tonight because I start my new job tomorrow. Thank God tonight’s World Series game didn’t run too late.

Until tomorrow.


So last night I developed a splitting headache right around the time the Cardinals retook the lead (coincidence? I think not). It was so bad that I ended up turning off the lights and turning the TV volume way down. The next thing I knew it was 4:30 in the morning and there was some weird infomercial on TV. I checked the final score on my iPad (boo!) and went back to sleep.

Tonight’s game ended better, what with Koji Uehara picking off Kolten Wong at first to tie the series at two games each. That pickoff play, which was so surprising it caught the Fox director off-guard (here’s a tip: when broadcasting a baseball game on TV you should keep the cameras trained on the fucking field), was awesome, and yet it was only my second favorite sports thing I saw on TV today. My favorite was Matthew Stafford’s touchdown run to give the Lions a 31-30 win over the Cowboys. (Also, David Akers is kicking for the Lions now? I could’ve sworn he retired. But the fact that Akers was the one who kicked the extra point to seal the Cowboys’ loss made it that much better.)

Until tomorrow.

Only The Cute

I just went through a bunch of links I’d emailed myself over the past week, but the only ones I feel like sharing are videos that made me smile. Sometimes it’s fun to forget that I’m a super negative person šŸ™‚

Until tomorrow.

Random Acts

Today in random acts of kindness: when I pulled up to the window at Starbucks I was told that the person in front of me paid for my Pumpkin Spice Latte. I was so shocked that I could barely speak as the cashier handed me my (free!) cup of deliciousness. It was a nice feeling, though.

Of course, the warm fuzzies didn’t last very long. I felt guilty almost immediately because I’d been thinking mean thoughts about the person in the car in front of me while sitting in the drive thru line. And the weird part is I don’t even know why; I guess I was just cranky. After I pulled away from the drive thru window I felt guilty for not paying it forward. In my defense I was using a Starbucks gift card with a finite amount of money on it and I’m poor (hence the gift card); with my luck the person behind me would have ordered coffee for their entire office. I swear that I will pay it forward someday when I’m not unemployed (for three years) with a mortgage and student loans. I swear.

See, this is my life. Even when something nice happens I find a way to become more depressed than I was before the nice thing happened. Ain’t it grand?

But seriously, thank you BMW driver who paid for my Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning šŸ™‚

Until tomorrow.